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28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Next Group Start Date TBD.
Contact us to start your own private group challenge with friends and family! 

Check out our 8 Week Weight Loss Program


cash prizes for weight loss challenge

Cash Prizes! 

1st place- 50% of the pot 

2nd place- 30% of the pot 

3rd place- 20% of the pot 

The more participants, the bigger the cash prizes! 

10% of each participant's registration fee contributes to the cash prizes. 

Winners are determined by a body weight loss percentage.

This gives everyone a fair opportunity to win, no matter what your starting weight is.


When are the start/finish weigh-ins and how are they done?

First weigh in- January 6, 2024- 10AM CUT OFF TIME

Final weigh in- February 3, 2024- 10AM CUT OFF TIME

Your start and finish weigh-ins are done by video. 

What is a Fits Your Macros diet plan?


Fits Your Macros is an easy and flexible diet plan that is based around consuming a carefully calculated amount of Protein, Carbs, and Fats on a daily basis. This means you still get to eat your favourite foods while dieting as long as it fits within your limit. Your macros and calories will be tracked by using the Desire Fitness App and monitored by your coach.

Can I have a set menu rather than a macros diet plan?

Yes, the option for a set menu plan is available. The set menu is custom made based around the foods you enjoy to eat, any dietary restrictions, and doesn't require any macro counting. A custom menu program is an additional $75 (plus gst). 

What will my workouts involve?

The program is a combination of strength and endurance training. Minimal equipment is needed and there will be video demonstrations on how to complete the exercises.

If I wish to stop participating in the challenge can I get a refund?


Once the challenge has started there is non-refundable policy is in effect.

If I have injuries or illnesses, can my program be modified?

Please reach out prior to signing up to determine if appropriate modifications can then be made to your program.  


*1 month workout + macro diet programs are a $150 value

*If none of these options suit your financial reach but you would like to participate please contact us. 

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