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21 in 21 Challenge eBook

Develop new healthy lifestyle habits and give yourself the opportunity to learn something new about yourself along the way, start the challenge today! 


21 Goals in 21 Days!


Over the 21 days you will establish healthy physical and mental habits while also developing a strong sense of accomplishment by completing 7 workout goals, 7 mental health goals, and 7 nutrition goals in 21 days.


The challenge is a very well-rounded program that will coach you day by day on how to improve your physical and mental health, which will help create a new healthy lifestyle. 


The 21 day challenge was developed by a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach that has a decade of experience in the fitness industry.

As a fitness professional Melissa aspires to guide as many people as possible towards achieving their health and fitness goals and is grateful that the 21 in 21 Challenge eBook allows her to do just that.

21 in 21 Challenge by Melissa Stevenson.

Desire Fitness supports the Kids with Cancer Society. 

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*Tax receipts are provided for donations $30 or more

The Kids with Cancer Society was started over 41 years ago by a group of parents who were all battling their children’s cancer. They provided programs and services to families battling childhood cancer – all at no cost to the family.

The Kids with Cancer Society provides education and financial support, counselling, family and clinical programs and supports research. The Kids with Cancer Society is completely fueled by philanthropy and is grateful for our amazing community of childhood cancer champions.

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