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Level up your fitness and boost your confidence through a personalized step-by-step workout and nutrition plan crafted exclusively for you by an expert coach. 

Get Fit, Get Personal,Get Results with our CUSTOM made workout programs!

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Our Programs:

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Get a custom workout program tailored to your needs and goals, bundle it with a diet plan, and receive expert guidance and accountability for success.

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Our 8-week weight loss program offers tailored workouts and a personalized diet plan to guide you to achieve your weight loss goals. Perfect for beginners who plan to  work out at home or  gym goer.



Our 30-day workout plan is an excellent option for individuals seeking a low-impact exercise routine, particularly those aged 50 and above.
This plan has been designed to cater to the specific needs of seniors. Get active and healthy while minimizing the risk of injury with our 30 days of workouts and mobility routines.

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Outdoors Yoga Class

Corporate Workshops and Challenges!

Elevate your corporate culture with our dynamic workshops and wellness challenges! Our team building challenges are designed to be both educational and fun, fostering collaboration and camaraderie among your staff.


Engage in interactive activities that promote teamwork and communication while completing group health and wellness challenges. From energizing exercises to insightful discussions, our workshops offer a holistic approach to improving workplace dynamics. Invest in your team's success with our transformative programs today!

Bria Bynoe

“Melissa is very personable and is by far the best trainer I have ever had. It helps so much that she has the skills and education to help you eat better on top of giving tailored workouts. I liked her so much I had to sign up again and do virtual training even after she moved to a different city cause no local trainers were able to give me the same results she has in the past. She's really amazing at what she does."

Kaitlyn Hill

"Melissa is truly the best personal trainer, I highly recommend her! With her custom workout plan and custom menu, I lost a total of 30 lbs and felt the best I've ever felt in my life. But I think the best thing about working with Melissa is that she's a down-to-earth fun woman. She's kind and navigates you through the weight loss process with empathy while still keeping you accountable. Her process is safe for the body and mind, and she adapts your program as your goals and body adapt too.
She's incredible, without her I never would've been able to hike as many mountains as I did last summer!"

Crystal McLaughlin

“Melissa is a kind, consistent cheerleader! She’s been great adapting to my needs and meeting me where I am at! Everyone’s goals are different and mine have changed, she’s able to adapt and continue to help you reach your goals. The app helps me stay on track! Gotta love checking every action off.
If your in need of a personal trainer I highly recommend Desire Fitness!”

Over the past decade, Desire Fitness has coached hundreds of women and men to reach their wellness goals. Our online personal training programs are custom made for each individual client's needs and health history. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, running, cycling, or you need an online personal trainer to hold you accountable, your program will be designed just for you.


Follow your online workout program and meal plan anywhere through our easy to use Desire Fitness app. Get online personal training with one of the best virtual personal trainers in Canada and have a top online fitness coach develop a customized online workout program that is made just for you! Our online health and wellness coaching will help you transform your body and boost your confidence through strength training. Virtual fitness coaching is great for those looking for remote fitness guidance and require a flexible workout routine. Gain expert fitness advice and nutrition guidance by our certified fitness coach. Accountability coaching is included with all our remote online workout and nutrition subscriptions. 

We are based out of Canmore, Alberta. Our online fitness community first started in Edmonton, AB and has expanded to welcome clients from all over Canada. Desire Fitness prides itself on providing the best online workout and nutrition coaching subscriptions available. Our online workout and wellness programs are tailored to each client and can be made for at home workouts or for those who go to a gym. We also offer wellness coaching consulting for businesses wanting to empower their employees through corporate wellness challenges and workshops. The challenges are team building exercises that provide fitness, nutrition, and mental health coaching. 

Be a part of our online fitness community and start today!

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