Gluten Free & Dairy Free Date Squares

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Desire Fitness' first food blog post is a tasty one!

These date squares are a fantastic and easy snack option that is gluten free, dairy free, and has zero sugar added. They are a very satiating snack, perfect for weight loss and can be eaten before work outs for extra energy.

Desire Fitness offers nutrition plans that are fully customized to the foods clients enjoy as well as any dietary restrictions. These date squares are perfect for anyone who has eliminated dairy and/or gluten from their diets but are still craving something sweet.

This recipe uses only all natural ingredients with no added sweeteners or sugar. To make the date squares you will need a high speed blender or food processor.

First step, pre-heat your oven to 325F.

Next, start processing the crumble ingredients. The dry ingredients will form the base and the crumble topping for the squares.

Add 1 cup of the gluten free oats to your processor and process until a flour forms. Then add the dates, unsweetened shredded coconut, sea salt, and baking soda. Process till the dates are fully broken up and create a crumble texture.

Add the remaining oats and pecans and process 8-10x or until the pecans are chopped. Lastly, add in the egg, ground chia seeds, and melted coconut oil. Pulse until combined.

Place the dry ingredients into a separate bowl and wash out the processor bowl.

For the date layer add the dates to the food processor with 1-2tbsp of hot water, lemon, and salt. Process until it forms a creamy texture.

Date and Oat squares

Line a 8x8 pan with parchment paper. Pack down 3/4 of the dry crumble onto the bottom of the pan.

Next, coat with base with the dates and fully cover the bottom layer. Wet your hands to help prevent the bottom layer from sticking.

Top with the remaining dry crumble.