Smoothie Bowl

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

This smoothie bowl is all about gut health.

The gut microbiome helps control digestion, immune system function, CNS recovery, and many other aspects of your health.

The ingredients in this smoothie bowl include natural occurring probiotics, prebiotic, and will aid in a healthy gut. It is also very nutrient dense, high in protein and fibre, is dairy free, gluten free, and has no added sugar.

This smoothie bowl can be used as a meal replacement or post work out snack to aid in recovery and reduce inflammation.

Not only does it taste delicious but all of the ingredients have a specific nutritional benefit, which have been listed below.

Smoothie Bowl Ingredients:

Blueberries: High in fibre, antioxidants, and reduce inflammation.

Ground chia seeds with probiotics: High in probiotics, omega- 3 fatty acids, fibre, and reduces inflammation. Ground chia seeds are also easier to digest vs shelled seeds.

Fermented vegan protein powder (vanilla): Great for gut health, easier to digest vs unfermented plant protein, balanced amino acid profile, dairy free, and aids in muscle recovery and growth.

Coconut yogurt (dairy free): A healthy alternative to normal dairy yogurt. It is high in probiotics, calcium, magnesium, B12, and vitamin D.