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Corporate Wellness Fitness, Nutrition, and Goal Setting Workshops

Create a positive health culture in your workplace and build a more resilient organization. Our interactive workshops and challenges are custom made for your company and team. 

Corporate Fitness Workshops & Challenges

Boost your company's productivity and morale with our corporate wellness workshops, focusing on fitness and overall well-being. Each workshop and challenge are custom made for your company and team. 


Our expert-led sessions cover a range of activities, from group exercises and fitness challenges to stress management and healthy lifestyle tips.


Incorporating fitness into your corporate culture can reduce stress, improve employee health, and increase workplace satisfaction. Invest in your team’s health with our corporate wellness programs designed to energize and motivate your workforce. 

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Corporate Nutrition Workshops

Enhance your workplace with our corporate nutrition workshops designed to improve employee health and productivity.


Our expert nutritionists provide interactive sessions on healthy eating habits, meal planning, and managing dietary needs. These workshops empower your team with the knowledge to make healthier food choices, leading to increased energy levels and overall well-being.


Investing in corporate nutrition programs can reduce sick days and boost workplace morale. Promote a healthier, more productive work environment with our tailored corporate nutrition workshops. 

Corporate Goal Setting Workshops

Help your employees define clear, actionable objectives and develop strategies to achieve them. 

Effective goal setting is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance both workplace and personal success for employees. By establishing clear, achievable objectives, employees can focus their efforts, manage their time efficiently, and stay motivated.


This structured approach not only boosts productivity and performance at work but also fosters a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. When employees set and achieve goals, they develop valuable skills such as perseverance and strategic thinking, which benefit both their professional and personal lives. Ultimately, goal setting cultivates a proactive mindset, leading to continuous improvement and long-term success.

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Corporate wellness workshops and challenges are great for team building! 

Learn, get out of your comfort zones, and succeed as a team! Our workshops and challenges are designed to create healthy lifestyle habits, motivate, and give participants the opportunity to grow as individuals and together as a team.


Consider our Wellness Challenge and Workshops as an investment in your employees.

Corporate wellness perks are a powerful tool in recruiting and employee retention. Offering wellness benefits and programs is in high demand for prospective employees and companies that implement wellness programs often see their turnover rate drop.

Desire Fitness strives to coach clients how to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise and proper nutrition. Leading a healthy lifestyle can boost immunity, reduce the risk of illness, reduce stress, and improve mental health. All major benefits to any business and it's employees.



Corporate rates on individual wellness programs for employees are also available. 


Workplace wellness has become a necessary staple of the modern company and offering a corporate wellness program is key for retention, improving mental and physical health, reducing sick days and also improving workplace culture. 


Desire fitness offers corporate wellness programs that are tailored to your companies size and needs. Custom workout programs and nutrition plans are designed specifically for each individuals goals, needs, and health history. Have one of the top personal trainers in Alberta create a wellness program specifically for your business. 


Corporate rates are available for individual programs and health spending accounts can be utilized.

 Virtual workshops and challenges are available in Canada. In person wellness workshops or challenges can take place in Edmonton, Calgary, or in Canmore, Alberta. 

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