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Nutrition Coaching

Have a custom diet plan specifically designed for your goals and your body. Follow an elimination diet to determine what your food allergies and intolerances are.

Desire Fitness will provide you with a diet plan that is easy to commit to and follow.

Your diet plan is thoroughly explained and monitored on a weekly basis.

Macros Plan

$55 Per Month

-Macro amounts that are calculated for your body and your specific goal

-A food diary on the

Desire Fitness App that is monitored by your nutrition coach 

-Private online portal to track your progress

-Weekly weigh-ins with your nutrition coach to stay accountable (by email or text) 

-Weekly suggestions on how to improve your food diary/diet and goal setting

Set Menu Plan

$115 Per month

-Custom menu plan specific to your goals, your body, and the foods you enjoy

-Menu adjustments as needed to prevent plateau 

-Private online portal to track your progress

-Weekly weigh-ins with your nutrition coach to stay accountable (by email or text) 

-Weekly suggestions on how to improve you nutrition and goal setting

-Suggested supplement list

Macros Plan

Fits Your Macros plans are easy and flexible! This is a diet plan that is based around consuming a specific amount of protein, carbs, and fats on a daily basis. This means you still get to eat your favorite foods while dieting as long as it fits within your macro limit for the day.

Menu Plan

Working directly with a nutrition coach you will have a menu made specifically for you to reach your goals. Your menu will incorporate the foods that you enjoy eating all while hitting your personal macronutrient requirements. Your menu will also accommodate any food allergies, food intolerances, and preferences (vegetarian, vegan, etc.). 

Having a set daily menu makes dieting simple and takes out all the guess work. Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight, your menu is tailored to your body and your goals.

Elimination diets are also available to help determine food intolerances or trigger foods that cause digestive upset. This is a great option for people with IBS who are wanting to learning what food are safe to eat and how to prevent symptoms or flair ups.  

Desire Fitness highly recommends adding physical fitness to your new lifestyle plan by BUNDLING a custom work out program to your nutrition plan.

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