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8 Week Weight Loss Program

The 8 Week Weight Loss Program is designed to help you increase your strength and endurance, while losing body fat. 


Program Includes:


Follow our PROVEN progressive workout program designed for weight loss.


  • 2 progressive programs that are 4 weeks each.

  • Minimal equipment is needed.

  • Video demonstrations on how to complete the exercises. 

  • All fitness levels welcome!


Fits your macros diet plan CUSTOM made for you by our nutrition coach.

  • In your portal you will have a food diary with your assigned custom macro (calories, carbs, fats, and protein targets).

  • Still eat your favourite foods while dieting as long as it fits within your macros!

  • Flexible dieting made EASY!

Desire Fitness App

Gain access to the easy to use Desire Fitness App and get your own private portal to track your PROGRESS.

  • Use your portal to track your progress by uploading progress photos and accountability weigh-ins.

  • You can also chat directly with your trainer through your portal for more guidance.


The 8 Week Weight Loss program will create new healthy habits, reduce stress, tone your body and will also teach you proper portion sizes.

  • Learn what is in your foods, how much you should be eating.

  • Mobility exercise that will help you get the most out of your assigned workouts.

Achieve your goals and commit to our proven weight loss program!

Follow a macros diet plan designed by your coach and our weight loss workouts that only require minimal equipment. 

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