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8 Week Weight Loss Program

The 8 Week Weight Loss Program is designed to help you increase your strength and endurance, while losing body fat. 


Program Includes:


Follow our PROVEN progressive workout program designed for weight loss.


  • Get 2 workout programs that build off each other, prevent plateau, and are 4 weeks each.

  • Minimal equipment is needed.

  • Video demonstrations on how to complete the exercises. 

  • Great for beginners! 


Fits your macros diet plan CUSTOM made for you by our nutrition coach.

  • In your portal you will have a food diary with your assigned custom macros (calories, carbs, fats, and protein targets).

  • Still eat your favourite foods while dieting as long as it fits within your macros!

  • Flexible dieting made EASY!

Desire Fitness App

Get your own private portal on the easy to use Desire Fitness App to track your PROGRESS.

  • Use your portal to track your progress by uploading progress photos and measurements. 

  • Access your workouts and nutrition plan from anywhere with the app! 

  • Chat directly with your online personal trainer through your portal for more guidance.


The 8 Week Weight Loss Program will create new healthy habits, reduce stress, tone your body, and help you learn what is in your food.

  • Learn the nutritional breakdown of your foods and proper portion sizes.

  • Mobility exercise are also included to help you destress, recover faster, and improve the range of motion throughout your body.

Achieve your goals by committing to our proven weight loss program!
ONLY $65 for 8 weeks of personalized coaching! 

*If you have any current injuries or medical conditions please reach out BEFORE signing up. 

Check out our blog post to learn more about the program. 

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