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The Best 8 Week Weight Loss Program! Great for beginners who workout from home.

Updated: Feb 10

The 8 Week Weight Loss Program is designed to transform your body composition and increase your strength, while losing body fat.

All you need to do is commit to our proven resistance training program and follow your CUSTOM made nutrition plan to see results. This program is perfect for beginners who have access to limited equipment at home but also for gym goers who need more guidance. There are two sets of progressive workouts throughout the 8 weeks, after you complete your 4th week your program will update with a new set of workouts to start following. This will prevent your body from plateauing and continue to build off the previous set.

The workouts are very easy to follow on our app! It clearly states how many sets/reps and has VIDEO demonstrations for each exercise. Over the 8 weeks you will get stronger, gain confidence with your body, and learn how to effectively perform each exercise in the program. Through resistance training you will reduce body fat, increase your metabolism, increase your strength, and improve your overall health.

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There is also a mobility aspect to the workouts that will help you get the most out of your exercises, increase your range of motion, improve recovery, and help you reduce stress. The weight loss program is great for beginners who workout from home and have busy schedules.

Your nutrition plan is a flexible diet plan, meaning you get to eat the foods you enjoy as long as you are hitting your assigned macros and the calories that were calculated for you by your nutrition coach.

Through your private portal you will have a food diary with your assigned amount of carbs, fats, and protein to hit each day. Your coach will have access to your food diary and can check in to make suggestions on how to improve.

macro diet food diary flexible diet easy diet weight loss diet for women moms diet plan nutrition plan coach personal online accountability  Flexible dieting made easy, eat the foods you love while losing weight

The app is very user friendly and allows you to take your program with you anywhere. In your private portal you get to upload your before and after photos and measurements. Through the Desire Fitness app you will access your workout program, nutrition plan, and the chat feature where you can message directly with your online personal trainer if you have any questions.

The 8 Week Weight Loss program will create new healthy habits, reduce stress, tone your body, and will also teach you proper portion sizes.

Preview navigating the program features with this video!

Over the last decade Desire Fitness has coached 100's of clients to achieve their wellness goals and to feel empowered. We strive to help clients improve their relationships with food through flexible dieting and boost their confidence with strength training.

Desire Fitness is based out of Canmore, Alberta and coaches clients online from all over the world.

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