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How To Utilize Your Health Spending Account For Personal Training

Updated: Feb 13

With the vast majority of adults living a sedentary lifestyle, both at home and at work, providing access to wellness programs at a greater scale has now become the priority for Desire Fitness.

Most employers are now starting to offer health spending accounts and they are seeing the benefits! By providing the means to live a healthier lifestyle, companies are now seeing more active and health conscious employees.

To make the most of clients health spending accounts, Desire Fitness now offers a new invoicing structure that will allow clients to utilize their health spending account with a custom wellness program.

Incorporating a wellness program into your daily routine has significant health benefits for your heart, body and mind. It is proven to reduce symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety but it also enhances focus and your immune system.

Desire Fitness strives to coach clients on how to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise and proper nutrition. We design custom fitness programs that can be accessed from anywhere through the Desire Fitness app.

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​Below is a breakdown of our custom workout programs and nutrition plans that can be utilized with your health spending account.

Desire fitness offers custom workout programs and nutrition plans that are made for each individual client, their goals and health history.

Set Menu Plan: By working directly with our nutrition coach, you will have a menu made specifically for you to reach your goals. Your menu will incorporate the foods that you enjoy eating all while hitting your personal macronutrient requirements. Your menu will also accommodate any food allergies, food intolerances and preferences (vegetarian, vegan, etc.).

Having a set menu makes dieting simple and takes out all the guess work. Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight, your menu will be tailored to your body and your goals. Fits your macros Plan: Fits Your Macros plans are easy and flexible! This is a diet plan that is based around consuming a specific amount of protein, carbs and fats on a daily basis. This means you still get to eat your favorite foods while dieting as long as it fits within your macro limit for the day.

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Custom Workout Plan:

Have a workout plan made specifically for your goals, fitness experience and health history. Your program will accommodate your schedule (how many days you can commit to working out) and the equipment you have at home or the gym you go to. Work one-on-one with a personal trainer to determine the best course of action to achieve your fitness goals.

Your workout program will be uploaded directly to your private online portal on the Desire Fitness app and can be easily accessed from anywhere.

For more about our programs or to sign up visit

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Book a FREE consultation to learn more about how to utilize your health spending account for personal training.

Preview navigating the Desire Fitness App with this video!

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