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Melissa Stevenson
Founder & CEO

For almost a decade, Melissa has helped hundreds of men and women achieve their health and fitness goals as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. 


Before becoming a personal trainer, Melissa spent 6 years as a photojournalist. She made the career change after competing in her first bodybuilding competition where she reached the national stage and placed on the podium. She has also competed in powerlifting and loves to empower women to feel strong while encouraging them to reach their fitness goals.


Melissa is passionate about helping clients create healthy relationships with food and coaching clients to feel confident with their bodies is one of her favorite things to do. When she is not coaching clients, you can typically find her out hiking in the Bow Valley. 

Through her company, Desire Fitness, Melissa offers private personal training, bootcamp classes, custom workout programs and diet plans, and corporate wellness challenges. 

Melissa Stevenson online personal trainer and nutrition coach with a decade of experince in the wellness industry
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