3 Step Slow Cooker Shepherd's "Pie"

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

The Deconstructed Shepherd's "Pie".

We are all counting down the days till the social distancing and self isolation restrictions start to let up. Before the Covid-19 pandemic happened preplanning my grocery list for weeks at a time was never something I considered doing. When I would go grocery shopping it was always for the usual stuff and then whatever else I happened to need that week for new recipes.

Now however is a totally different story. I started taking advantage of the online ordering system that my local grocery store has and started purchasing my groceries for two weeks at a time. The first week or so I use up all my fresh fruits and veggies and then in the last few days before my next order comes in I turn to frozen produce. This is where the inspiration for this recipe came from. I had a bunch of random ingredients in the freezer and pantry and figured I'd throw it all into a slow cooker and see what happened. The recipe ended up being delicious and I will definitely be making it again when my fresh produce runs out next!

This recipe is the perfect Covid-19 self isolation meal for the family. The ingredients are all things that you probably already have in your freezer and pantry and they can be easily substituted. It is also gluten free and dairy free.

This recipe proves that you can still make a healthy recipes on a budget with whatever you happen to have in the house. Plus it is super easy to make, you cant go wrong with this one!

Since most of us have some sort of noodle or pasta in the pantry I decided to skip the mashed potato layer and use my GoGo Gluten Free Pasta instead. This gluten free pasta is a rice and quinoa blend. The texture is great and you can't even tell it isn't a regular wheat based pasta. If eating gluten free isn't an issue for you you can use any pasta you have in the pantry.

Skip the potato layer and save so much time! No peeling, chopping, or mashing. You just have to toss the noodles in with the rest of the ingredients!