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8 Week New Year's Challenge 2018. Q&A

Desire Fitness Weight Loss Challenge F.A.Q.

This challenge is designed to help you reach your maximal fitness potential and to lose body fat all in 8 weeks. The challenge will also teach you healthy eating habits and new work out routines.

How does the challenge work?

Once you have signed up for the challenge you get the following:

- Before and after weigh-in, measurements, and photos done with a personal trainer at a private gym in Edmonton.

- Weekly weigh-ins done by text or email with your nutrition coach to keep you accountable throughout the contest.

- You will receive your custom macros diet plan that is designed for your body and directions on how to use the My Fitness Pal app to track and monitor your diet.

- An emailed PDF of a preferred foods list to use as a guideline for your diet.

- An emailed PDF of your 8 week progressive HIIT work out plan. It is a 4 day work out plan that gets more difficult as the weeks go on.

How are weigh-ins and measurements done?

Before and after weigh-ins are done by a personal trainer and by appointment only at 10503 123 Street, Edmonton.

You must book a time and day within the following dates:

Week 1- January 1- January 5

Week 12- February 19- February 23

*Your end date will be in correlation to what you chose to be your start date.

Your weight will be taken and measurements of your shoulders, bicep, waist (top and middle), and quad. Before and after photos will also be taken at this time.

It is recommended you wear form fitting athletic wear. Do not wear baggy clothing or belts for your measurements to ensure the most accurate reading.

How are the winners determined?

Calculations are taken based on the percentage of weight and inches combined in relationship to the individual. This ensures that no matter how much you want to loose you still have a fair chance to win.

How is prize money calculated?

Prize money is based on total participants registered in the challenge. 15% of each participants registration fee will be put into the prize pot. The more participants, the bigger the prize money amounts.

The prizes are as follows:

1st place- 40% of the pot

2nd place- 35% of the pot

3rd place- 25% of the pot

Can I hire Desire Fitness as a personal trainer?

Yes. Desire Fitness is offering a 10% discount on personal training to anyone who has registered in the challenge.

There will also be a weekly HIIT bootcamp starting in January that is available for participants to join.

I wish to stop participating in the challenge can I get a refund?

You are provided with a confidential work out plan and a custom diet plan at the start of the challenge because of this, once the challenge has started your fee will be non-refundable. This non-refundable policy also insures that the prize pot stays fair.

What is a macros diet plan?

Fits Your Macros is an easy and flexible diet plan that is based around consuming a carefully calculated amount of Protein, Carbs, and Fats on a daily basis. This means you still get to eat your favourite foods while dieting. Your macros and calories will be tracked by using the My Fitness Pal app.

For best results, it is recommended to follow the preferred foods list.

What will my HIIT work out involve?

HIIT is cardiorespiratory training and resistance training combined with bouts of short duration, high-intensity exercise and periods of recovery. Your program will have a combination of strength and endurance training. It will be a 4 day per week program that will have cardio training on top of those work outs.

I have injuries or illnesses, can my program be modified?

Yes, please notify Desire Fitness when you register of any injury or illness that may impede your diet or work out plan. The appropriate modifications will then be made to your program.

For more information on the next weight loss challenge visit:

The Desire Fitness weight loss challenge programs are accessed on the Desire Fitness app.

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