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2019 Weight Loss Challenge!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

2019 Weight Loss Challenge

The 8 week challenge is designed to increase your strength and endurance, all while loosing body fat. The challenge will also teach you proper portion sizes and help create new healthy eating habits.

The top three participants in the challenge will receive a cash prize! Winners are determined by a body weight loss percentage. This gives everyone a fair opportunity to win, no matter what your starting weight is. ​

The challenge before and after weigh-ins, measurements, and photos are done with a personal trainer at Evolve Strength North in Edmonton (by appointment only). You will also have weekly weigh-ins with your trainer by text or email. This is when any program adjustments are made and will help keep you accountable throughout the challenge.

Once you have signed up for the challenge you will receive a link to your private portal on the Desire Fitness app.

You will have a custom macros diet plan made for your body and your daily intake requirements. The macro diet plan food diary is accessed on the Desire Fitness app.

Your trainer can also view your food diary to help monitor your diet and give you suggestions on how to improve.

For the 8 weeks of the challenge you will also have an assigned work outs in your portal. The circuit work out plans can be done at home with minimal equipment or at a gym.

Every three weeks a new set of circuits are uploaded to your portal. The work outs are designed to become more difficult as the weeks progress and as your endurance increases. ​

The program explains how many sets/reps and has video demonstration of each exercise.

Here are a couple of before and after photos from previous participants.

Weight Loss Challenge F.A.Q.

How are weigh-ins and measurements done?

Before and after weigh-ins are done by a personal trainer and at a Evolve Strength North in Edmonton. Week 1 and 8 measurements are by appointment only.

Week 1 Start- January 1

Week 8 End- February 22

Your weight will be taken and measurements of your shoulders, bicep, waist (top and middle), hips, and quad. Before and after photos will also be taken at this time.

What do I wear to my weigh ins?

It is recommended that females wear a sports bra and short shorts or a bikini and males wear fitted shorts.

To ensure the most accurate reading do not wear baggy clothing or belts.

How is the prize money calculated?

Prize money is based on the total amount of participants registered in the challenge. 10% of each participant registration fee will be put into the prize pot.

The more participants, the bigger the cash prizes!

1st place- 50% of the pot

2nd place- 30% of the pot

3rd place- 20% of the pot

How are the winners determined?

Winners are determined by the percentage of weight lost. This gives everyone a fair opportunity to win, no matter what your starting weight is. Body measurements are also done incase there has been a tie.

Can I hire Desire Fitness as a personal trainer?

Yes. Desire Fitness is offering a 10% discount on personal training to anyone who has registered in the challenge.

There will also be a weekly bootcamp class starting in January that is available for participants to join.​

What is a Fits Your Macros diet plan?

Fits Your Macros is an easy and flexible diet plan that is based around consuming a carefully calculated amount of Protein, Carbs, and Fats on a daily basis. This means you still get to eat your favourite foods while dieting as long as it fits within your limits. Your macros and calories will be tracked by using the Desire Fitness app.

Can I have a set menu rather than a macros diet plan?

Yes, the option for a set menu plan is available. The set menu is custom made based around the foods you enjoy to eat and doesn't require any macro counting. Your menu is tailored to your body and is an additional $75.

What will my circuit work outs involve?

Your program will be a combination of strength and endurance training. Every two weeks your program will be updated in your portal.

There will be 2 circuits in your portal at a time that are meant to be rotated between throughout the week.

The minimum amount to complete is 2 work outs per week, with a max of 6 per week. There will also be optional interval cardio homework assigned.

I have an injury or illness, can my program be modified?

Yes, please notify Desire Fitness when you register of any injury or illness that may impede your diet or work out plan. The appropriate modifications will then be made to your program.

If I wish to stop participating in the challenge can I get a refund?

Once the challenge has started your fee will become non-refundable. This non-refundable policy is in effect because you are provided with confidential work out plans and a custom diet plan. It also ensures that the prize pot amount stays fair.

I do not live in Edmonton, can I still participate?

Yes, you can still enter the challenge. However you would be responsible to do your own mandatory before and after photos, measurements, and weigh-ins. All must be done by a third party.

Registration cost is $240.

To register use the link below.

Or call 780-686-9977

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